Landgoed Het Grote Zand
Vacation house Drenthe with dog

Rent a holiday home in Drenthe with your dog

  • Luxurious detached bungalows and chalets
  • Situated in a rolling landscape at a reservoir
  • Perfect area for hiking and cycling trips

Rent a detached holiday home in Drenthe with your dog

Going on holiday with your dog: ideal if you prefer not to leave your dog at home. Moreover, a dog is a companion animal, so going on holiday together makes it extra fun! Our tip? Rent a holiday home in Drenthe with your dog!Ā  There is lots of space and there are many nature reserves and forests. Drenthe is also the only place in our country where you can enjoy an almost untouched natural environment. Landgoed Het Grote Zand, a holiday park in Hooghalen, borders extensive forests and heaths. The perfect environment for you and your dog to enjoy a wonderful holiday. You can stay at a luxurious and detached pet-friendly bungalow or chalet. An extra benefit: close to our holiday park, you will find a pleasant dog off-leash area of 70 hectares where your dog can run free throughout the year.Ā 


Your pet-friendly bungalow or chaletĀ 

At Landgoed Het Grote Zand, you can rent a pet-friendly, modern and fully equipped accommodation. We offer you a wide range of accommodations to choose from. The accommodations are suitable for groups of up to a maximum of 12 persons and have a minimum of 2 bathrooms and 1 to 6 bedrooms. Some accommodations are equipped with a sauna, to allow you to relax completely during your holiday. In addition, the accommodations have a spacious patio where you can enjoy the sunshine when the weather is good. At which nature house in Drenthe will you spend your holiday with your dog?


Find your ideal pet-friendly accommodation ā¤µ


Activities with your dog

Starting right from Landgoed Het Grote Zand, there are various cycling and walking trails that lead you through the beautiful Drenthe countryside. Hooghalen Forestry is part of the Heart of Drenthe nature reserve, where you will find a dog off-leash area. This area inclueds beautiful heaths and a large fen. Here, your dog can play and make some new dog friends . Would you rather go on a pleasant day trip? Visit the village of Hooghalen, the city of Assen or Camp Westerbork. Dogs are welcome on the camp grounds there, as long as they are on a leash.Ā  When can we welcome you for a holiday in Drenthe with your dog?


Facilities at the park:

  • Indoor swimming pool with separate toddler pool
  • Park shop
  • Bicycle rental service
  • Playgrounds
  • Outdoor patio

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šŸ• Can my dog be off its leash in the area?

Letting your dog run off its leash is not allowed everywhere, but there is a special dog off-leash area near Landgoed Het Grote Zand. You can reach Hooghalen Forestry in 5 minutes by car, with a special area where your dog can run around free. In addition, there is also another dog off-leash area 16 kilometers from our park.Ā