Landgoed Het Grote Zand
Cycling holiday Drenthe

Cycling holiday in Drenthe

  • Discover the premier cycling province of the Netherlands
  • Numerous cycling trails in the area
  • Hop on your bike and have fun

Explore Drenthe during a scenic cycling holiday

Drenthe is undoubtedly the go-to destination for a cycling holiday. Because of the many cycling nodes, you can create beautiful routes to explore Drenthe. From Landgoed Het Grote Zand, it takes no time at all to be on your way for a challenging trail. The holiday resort is located in green surroundings which makes it the perfect starting location for your cycling holiday in Drenthe. Opt for a spacious bungalow or cottage and your holiday can begin.


Relax in your comfortable holiday home

After a beautiful bike ride on the trails along heathland, through forests, and cozy villages, you will obviously want to relax. You can do so in one of the well-equipped bungalows or cottages.  Will you opt for the additional luxury of a bungalow with a private sauna? Because of its location among nature, you will find the tranquility you deserve after all that cycling. A great base for a cycling holiday in Drenthe. 


Grab your bike and go!

Charged everything? Whether it's your energy levels or your e-bike's battery, it's time to hop on your bike. Over 1,700 km of bike trails await you. Biking in Drenthe is therefore certainly not a punishment. The excellent junction network makes it easy to create a unique route, just the way you want it. Are you bringing your own bikes? Choose to start farther from the resort, and discover a different side of Drenthe.  Prefer not to bring your own bike? That is not a problem! You can easily rent a bicycle at Landgoed Het Grote Zand. We have already made a small selection with nice cycling routes through Drenthe


Cycling route to Westerbork transit camp

A bicycle route that takes you through the beautiful Drenthe countryside to Westerbork transit camp. A beautiful bicycle route that will leave a deep impression on you that you will not soon forget.

In and around the Drenthe capital

This bike route introduces you to provincial capital Assen and its surroundings. From city to meadows and moors. A varied route through the Asserbos and National Park Drentsche Aa.

The rocking bike trail

Drenthe and dolmens, inextricably linked. This rocking bike trail takes you past several dolmens and prehistoric natural beauty!

Why we love cycling so much

Besides Gouda cheese, clogs and tulips, what could be more Dutch than cycling? Not surprising, of course, considering that the Netherlands is fairly flat and equipped with excellent bike paths. On a bicycle you will see more, allowing you to experience the destination in a different way. In addition, you can get to more places by bike than you would by car. Riding your bicycle offers even more benefits. For example, it is good for your health. With exercise, you promote blood flow and are less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases. So in addition to being able to see a lot, you are also working on your health. Truly a win-win situation!


Fancy hopping on your bike?

Starting at Landgoed Het Grote Zand, you can reach the most beautiful cycling paths in no time, perfect for your cycling holiday in Drenthe. After returning, relax in your own bungalow or cottage. Have a nice time together over a snack and drink to reflect on your day. So quickly check out which accommodation suits you best, and get out and about!


You will find Landgoed Het Grote Zand here


Can I rent bicycles at Landgoed Het Grote Zand?

Yes, it is possible to rent bikes at the reception of Landgoed Het Grote Zand. You can reserve the bikes for a fee. Whether it is for a day, a weekend, or a week, all of this is possible. That way you will not have to bring your own bikes and can still enjoy the beautiful nature of Drenthe.

Are there charging stations for e-bikes at the resort?

There are options to charge your e-bike at the restaurant. Of course, you can also use the facilities in your own bungalow or cottage to charge your e-bike.
Because of the extensive network of bike paths in Drenthe, it is also possible to charge your e-bike at many locations along the way.