Landgoed Het Grote Zand
Holiday in September

Enjoying September

  • Relaxing in Drenthe
  • Outside the main season
  • Peace and quiet at a holiday resort

Holiday in September, ultimate relaxation

Enjoy the beautiful nature, cute villages, and interesting cities. Drenthe offers everything you need for an enjoyable holiday. Do you want to avoid the crowds and truly unwind? Then a holiday in September is an excellent idea. Because you're staying outside of the high season, it is less crowded and you have plenty of room to plan your holiday just the way you want.  Stay at Landgoed Het Grote Zand and explore the beautiful province of Drenthe from your bungalow or cottage. 


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Where will you spend the night?

At Landgoed Het Grote Zand, you will be staying in a modern and fully equipped bungalow or cottage during your holiday. The accommodations can sleep up to 12 people. All types have comfortable beds, a delightful bathroom, and a fully equipped kitchen. Need more luxury?  Then choose a bungalow with a private sauna. In which bungalow or cottage will you spend your holiday in September?


In short:

  • Comfortable bungalows
  • Also pet friendly
  • Optional spa facilities

Tips for your September holiday

An off-season holiday has the advantage of being less crowded, allowing you to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Play in the Jungle Forest, take a dip in the indoor pool, enjoy a snack and drink on the outdoor terrace, or rent a bike. Just a small sample of the possibilities at Landgoed Het Grote Zand. Would you rather get out and about? Then consider visiting Assen, Emmen, or Groningen. Cozy cities each with their own character, where you can shop to your heart's content. There are still plenty of events and activities in September to make your holiday even more fun! For example, experience the year of Van Gogh in a unique way. Hike, bike or drive past places of interest to learn more about one of the Netherlands' most famous painters. Also, there are several hiking and biking tours organized in September, so there is plenty to do.


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What is there to do during my holiday in September?

Because you will be staying outside of the high season, it is generally quieter. This allows you to enjoy fun activities undisturbed. Consider such things as special bike tours, exhibitions, and markets. This is how you can fully experience Drenthe during your holiday in September.

Is there enough to do for children?

There is also plenty to do for children in September. With the many facilities at Landgoed Het Grote Zand, such as an indoor swimming pool, go-kart rental, playgrounds, and the Jungle Forest, children will never get bored.