Landgoed Het Grote Zand
Hiking Holiday Drenthe

Hiking Holiday Drenthe

  • Hiking in the countryside of Drenthe
  • Enjoying scenic views
  • Explore the Drenthe countryside on foot

Put on your hiking boots!

Spend some time in the great outdoors, fill your backpack with provisions for the road, and head out. Walk into the vast moors and forests, and unwind in nature. For those who love nature, the province of Drenthe is the perfect destination for a hiking holiday.  Due to the location of Landgoed Het Grote Zand, in the middle of nature, you can quickly be out and about for a nice hike


Hiking to your heart's content

That you can still find unspoiled nature in the Netherlands can be experienced for yourself during a hiking holiday in Drenthe. This province is one of the few places in the Netherlands where you can still find this. Which routes are interesting in the vicinity of Landgoed Het Grote Zand and should not be missed? We have already made a selection of interesting hiking trails for both young and old. The highlighted trails are all located a short distance from the resort, making them easy to reach. However, please do not forget to explore the rest of Drenthe, too. Through the varied landscape, walk from heath to meadow and from town to village, and get to know this diverse province. 


Melkweg Trail

The Melkweg Trail takes you on a 5 km journey along the grounds of the former Westerbork Transit Camp and the radio observatory, along the way you will learn all sorts of things about our galaxy. The trail starts less than 500 meters from Landgoed Het Grote Zand. A lovely hike for both young and old.

Westerbork Trail

The Westerbork Trail, a unique 336 km hiking trail. The trail can be divided into several stages. Through this path you will pass historical sites, such as former labor camps, synagogues, and memorial sites. Choose which stage appeals to you and explore the Drenthe countryside.


The Hijkerveld is one of the largest moorland areas in Drenthe. Opt for a 4km or 7km trail and visit locations that were inhabited as early as the Iron Age. Start at the Sheepfold in Hijken and be surprised by the captivating landscape. Tip: proper hiking boots are highly recommended.

Why are we so excited about hiking?

Of course, being in a different environment is always nice. In order to get to know and explore that different environment thoroughly, hiking is the best way to do so. Furthermore, hiking offers additional health benefits. It provides more relaxation and proper regulation of your day and night rhythm. In addition, hiking combats diabetes, and is good for your lungs and digestion. Another nice touch, it is scientifically proven that you become more creative and happier when you spend at least 30 minutes walking daily. All the more reason to head out for a hiking holiday in Drenthe.  


Feel like putting on your hiking boots?

Several hiking trails are easily accessible from Landgoed Het Grote Zand. After the hike, you will properly unwind in your comfortable bungalow or cottage. So quickly check out which accommodation suits you best, and get out and about!


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